GP1 Team Leader Meeting

The Team Leader meeting will now take place on Friday 7th December at 9am (local time) at the Rowing training room at West Lakes Regatta Centre.


  • Competitors may only scratch entries up to 48 hours before the published schedule start of the competition.
  • Competitors, through their team manager, may change team boat compositions in heats and direct finals until 75 minutes before the start of competition on each day. Notification of such alterations must be given in writing to the Chief Official.

new rule in regards to volunteers for boat holding in the Paddle Australia Sprint Rules. This is to replace the trialled quota system of last season, which covered all roles at the event not just boat holding.

5.4.1. Each State represented at a National regatta (GP1, GP2 and Nationals) must adhere to the following quota system for boat holders on each day of the regatta (each day where applicable events are scheduled):
i. Local State – 3 volunteers are to be supplied (if a 8 lane course 2 volunteers)
ii. Other State with 21 or more athletes entered into the regatta – 2 volunteers are to be supplied
iii. Other States with 11 – 20 athletes entered into the regatta – 1 volunteer are to be supplied
iv. Other States with 10 or less athletes entered into the regatta – no volunteers required to be supplied.

Therefore, based on close of entries the States will have to supply the following number of volunteers:

# boat holders required
SA 3
WA 1

Hopefully this system will make it easier to manage for all involved. However, this does not change the fact we still need volunteers to help with other roles such as line judging, handing out numbers etc. If you have family and/or friends that could volunteer in the run the event please sign up –